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  • Combine two tools into one and save time! The microfiber chenille yarns safely loosen dirt on the vehicle without ever scratching.✔ Ultra soft and gentle mitt that is 100% microfiber material.✔ Holds lots of suds and cleans the car without scratching.✔ Big Size: 21 x 10 x 5cm (Approx) Good size and easy to rinse.Color: Blue, Purple, Orange, Green *Colours...
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  • Perfect for family road trips or anyone who spends a lot of time driving and gets hungry and thirsty on the road. Now you do not costly stop for food and drink during the long journey.   ✔ 6L Cooling and warming refrigerator ✔ Work with 12V DC power from car lighter port ✔ 2 °C temperature cooling (minimum) ✔ 65 °C temperature warming (maximum) ✔...
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  • Clever Scope is a flexible flashlight that can transform into any shape.   ✔ Long flexible neck that bends into any shape ✔ 2 super-bright lights at each end ✔ 2 super-strong magnets ✔ Hands-free light ✔ Fits in your pocket ✔ Lasts over 100,000 hours without burning out   Get Extra 10% Off. Only Rs. 1,145 when using your MasterCard and Visa...
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  • Ez Trunk Organizer helps you make your car neater. It has two temperature-insulated compartments, so you can keep the stuff warm or cool according to your needs.✔ Fully collapsible and foldable for easy storage.✔ Sturdy Construction. It Holds Up to 30 lbs.✔ This is a Deluxe Edition of Original Trunk Organizer. It Comes with extra inserts for perfect...
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  • CheJieBa Mini Car Washing Machine is a multi-functional house held washing machine which combines mini sinking pump with other components. The advantages of the product are small convenient, high-pressure, water saving, safety, easy to use and the distance of the water spray can approach 15m.   ✔ Work with 12V DC and 220V AC. ✔ Save Water. Can wash the...
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  • Drive free mind with Xin Yi Bang JS1023 Portable Tyre Inflator. You can use it emergency needs with your car lighter port power out.Durable Metal Body with Metal PistonOperating Voltage: DC 12VMax Current: 15AMax Pressure: 150PSIWorking flow:27L/MinAir Pipe Length: 60 cmCable length: 2.85 MetersMaterial: Metal + Rubber6 (Six) Months Manufacturer...
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  • ✔ 120W strong suction.✔ Powered by DC 12V cigarette lighter port with 4.2 meter code.✔ Ergonomic design, handy and lightweight, easy to storage.✔ Controlled by ON / OFF switch, easy to use.✔ Occupy a tiny place, easy to empty.✔ Dual-use car vacuum cleaner, sucks up wet and dry spills in seconds.✔ Both sides of the air outlet, helpful for vacuum heat...
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  • JK-8 Dual Purpose 1000W Vacuum Cleaner is powerful, easy to operate hand held vacuum cleaner. Ideal for cleaning small areas like cars, sofas, computers, keyboards, printers, household appliances etc.   ✔ Powerful suction ✔ Bionic cartoon design ✔ Lightweight, convenient operation ✔ Space saving vertical design ✔ Permanent vacuum filter ✔ Complete...
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  • ✔ 140° viewing angle✔ F2.0 Wide Aperture✔ HDR(High Dynamic Range)✔ Ambarella Main Chip✔ 2.0 " LCD Display✔ External GPS sensor✔ G-Sensor(3-axis accelerometer)✔ LDWS(Lane Departure Warning System)✔ FCWS(Forward Collision Warning System)✔ Full HD 1080P (1920x1080) Recording✔ Support Micro SD up to 64GB1 Year WarrantySelect "Express Delivery" option during...
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  • ✔ 10 Individually wrapped sponges.✔ Protects and preserves your car's rich look.✔ Helps prevent cracking fading discoloration and premature aging.✔ Brings out a beautiful deep shine with a non-greasy finish.✔ Safely cleans away dirt, dust and debris.✔ Renews and revitalizes vinyl rubber and plastic.Get Extra 15% Off. Only  Rs. 1,547 when using your...
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  • Perfect for family road trips or anyone who spends a lot of time driving and gets hungry and thirsty on the road. Now you do not costly stop for food and drink during the long journey.✔ 7.5L Cooling and warming refrigerator✔ Work with 12V DC power from car lighter port✔ 2 °C temperature cooling (minimum)✔ 65 °C temperature warming (maximum)✔ Portable and...
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  • ✔ Easily removes scratches.✔ Permanently fill the furrow.✔ Acts quickly.✔ Waterproof.✔ Odorless, non-toxic.✔ Usable for all kinds of colors and cars.✔ Can also be used on motorbikes, boats, household appliances.Just imagine what it will be after the treatment, your car beautiful again without damaging. From now on you can forever say goodbye to...
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