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  • Listen to great stereo anywhere within range of the RF transmitter without the constraint of wires. No more tangled cords. You can move around the room while listening to any music system, TV or the built in FM Radio.
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  • Equipped with professional-quality elements that boast the impressive bass presence and clear treble response studio musicians demand.Closed-ear, noise-reducing design.Thickly padded, collapsible headband for lasting comfort and traveling convenience.
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  • Imation offers comfortable and stylish designed headsets that come with a built-in microphone .Its unique shape offers comfort during Gaming and the cushioned ear-piece makes it suitable for long hours of Gaming.With the Built-in Microphone, Comes with a mic on / off switch that allows the microphone to be activated whenever.It also comes with 3.5mm...
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  • TDK WR700 Wireless High Fidelity HeadphonesMove without the limitations of a cord and still get the high fidelity, stereo sound you expect. Perfect for in-home use with stereo systems as well as mobile devices, simply plug the transmitter into your audio device and sync it with the headphones.Combined with dynamic channel selection, which minimizes...
    Rs. 19,500
  • TDK ST800 High FidelityA superior listening experienceThe TDK Life on Record High Fidelity Headphones deliver a truly personal listening experience. On-ear volume and mute controls give you the ability to dynamically control the audio output while high performance 50mm drivers ensure amazing sound clarity and range.1 Year authorized agents warranty.
    Rs. 20,000
  • TDK ST700 High FidelityA superior listening experience, anywhereThe TDK Life on Record High Fidelity On-Ear Headphones take the premium personal listening experience to the streets. Balancing performance and design, these headphones deliver the ultimate in comfort and craftsmanship alongside portability and high fidelity.1 Year authorized agents warranty.
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  • TDK NC400Active Noise Cancelling TechnologyTDK Life on Record Noise Cancelling Headphones reduce unwanted ambient sound to give you a better & more relaxed listening experience. Essentially, active noise reduction works by using a microphone on the outside of the headphone to pick up external ambient noise.1 Year authorized agents warranty.
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  • TDK MP100A better music and movie experience.Rich accoustic sound reproduction.Adjustable cushioned headband for maximum comfort.Ultra comfortable earcups.1 Year authorized agents warranty.
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