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Camping Lamp Solar Zoom
Camping Lamp Solar Zoom
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Price LKR540.00 Regular price LKR900.00

✔ Retractable Solar Camping Lantern Lamp,6 LED Solar Camping lamp Outdoor Lighting Portable Camp Tent Lamp Rechargeable lantern.
✔ Solar Rechargeable/AA Battery 6-LED Portable Camping Lantern Outdoor Light Equipment with USB port.
✔ Waterproof LED Solar Camping Lights outdoor 4V/12W USB portable Folding tent lamp emergency lights.
✔ Utilized the power of the sun, Solar Camping Lantern Lamp provides unique night time lighting. Suitable for border lighting or on your next camping trip, the Solar Camping Lantern Lamp is a versatile and environmentally friendly way to light up your evenings!

Meind Mini Solar Home System
Meind Mini Solar Home System
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Price LKR5,280.00 Regular price LKR6,600.00
  • Meind high efficiency 3W/9V solar panel.
  • 4500mAh Battery backup.
  • Charged by DC or by solar panel with over charge protection.
  • LED Flash light.
  • 2W 400LM power saving 2 LED bulbs with 3m wires.
  • Lighting time up to 30 hours with 1 bulb ,15 hours with 2 bulbs with fully charge.
  • 3 Lighting bulb outputs 6V DC.
  • 5V USB Power output with universal mobile phone / tablet pc charger.
SH-518 Solar Camping Lamp
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Price LKR950.00

✔ Retractable Solar Camping Lantern with flashlight.
✔ Can use as a emergency lamp
✔ Dual power. Solar + 220V AC
✔ Power saving super bright SMD LED
✔ With foldable handle, more convenient to use.
✔ 6 Months manufactures warranty.

ඔබේ නිවසටම ගෙන්වා ගැනීමට දැන්ම අමතන්න. Call us today.

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Rechargeable Blowing Control LED Retro Lamp
LED Retro Lamp
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Price LKR995.00 Regular price LKR1,990.00

✔ Highlight LED, Soft light without glare, Energy saving, Longer life
✔ Up to 18 hours of continuous lighting when fully charged
✔ Roulette dimmer knobs, Adjust the light intensity more easier
✔ Alignment blowing inside shade, Can turn on or off the light.
✔ High-capacity rechargeable battery, USB charging connector, Safety, Energy saving, Convenient.
✔ This product is made by ABS and acrylic.

Clever Scope
Clever Scope
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Price LKR980.00 Regular price LKR1,400.00

Clever Scope is a flexible flashlight that can transform into any shape.

✔ Long flexible neck that bends into any shape

✔ 2 super-bright lights at each end

✔ 2 super-strong magnets

✔ Hands-free light

✔ Fits in your pocket

✔ Lasts over 100,000 hours without burning out

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Showing 1-8 of 8 item(s)