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Macwon Anti-lost Smart...
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Price LKR4,950.00 Regular price LKR5,500.00

Never Leave Your Phone or Wallet Behind.
✔ Bluetooth Alarm System to notify you every time you leave your wallet behind.
✔ The wallet will give alarm when you forget your phone behind as well.
✔ Push the power button on the wallet and your phone will ring, even on a silent mode.

Control you wallet with the anti-lost App, simple and easy which can be managed even by Children.

Macwon Genuine Leather Bluetooth Anti-lost GPS Smart Wallet B100

Lock Wallet
Lock Wallet
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Price LKR693.00 Regular price LKR990.00

✔ Secure RFID Blocking Shield
✔ Lightweight and Compact
✔ Fits in Any Pocket or Purse
✔ Premium Quality Design
✔ Full Zip Around Protection
✔ Holds 36 Cards, Cash, IDs, & More
✔ Clear Outer ID Holder

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Showing 1-2 of 2 item(s)