Kitchen CanDo 7-in-1 Opener


Turn can’t into can with Kitchen CanDo, everything opener! Flip up the swivel easy-crank handle, slip the blade over a can rim and open it without leaving sharp edges. Hook the opposite end under tab tops to ease ’em right off. Pry tins, too. Tilt jars lids with the gentle jaws to break vacuum seals. Push the ribbed grabber over twist caps to turn ’em without a struggle. And pop off bottle caps fast as a flash. Kitchen CanDo works quickly and safely without straining your fingers.

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Opens any Bottle, Can or Jar Quickly & Easily!

Open any bottle, can or ja r quickly and easily! Kitchen CanDo™ is the only kitchen tool with six opene rs in one handy device, and it does all the hard work for you. It opens cans lea ving no sharp edges on the lid - amazing! Plus, it lifts tab tops on soda and fr uit cans, pries open jar tins, breaks seals on stubborn jars, twists screw caps and pulls off bottle caps. Kitchen CanDo™ opens anything in your kitchen and has an ergonomic handle for easy use. A "must have" if you suffer from arthriti s. Durable and compact for easy storage. Great for camping and traveling. Import ed. Plastic/metal. 8 1/2"L x 2"W.