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Nicer Dicer Plus


With the Nicer Dicer Plus you can cut in 11 different ways. You can slice, dice, cut, julienne, cube, wedge, quarter, grate and so much more, straight into the storage container. With it's 5 blades made from ultra sharp stainless steel, just press down the lid and they'll easily cut through virtually any food.

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When preparing food cutting, slicing, dicing and grating can be dull tasks that take a long time to complete meaning cooking a meal takes longer; with the super dicer plus you needn't spend hours preparing food any more!

This handy kitchen gadget is ideal for preparing vegetables and salads, the 13 piece set comes complete with all you'll need to get cutting, peeling, dicing and slicing at record speeds and with total ease; you can even cube, wedge and julienne. The super sharp stainless steel blades will make light work of cutting even the toughest foods.

The set saves space compared to traditional tools, as it is stored in one convenient unit and means you'll no longer need separate graters, peelers, dicers etc.

Included in the 13 piece set is one cutting-top with integrated pin grid, one cutting base and one transparent collector with a capacity of 1500ml meaning you can do all your preparation using this single unit. The collection container comes with a lid, perfect for storing prepared food for later use.

The set also features two blade assemblies, each allowing food to be cut to two different sizes:
6mm x 6mm/12mm x 12mm
6mm x 36mm/18mm x 18mm

One blade assembly that can be used to cut into quarters or eights is included as well as one plug-cutting punch for eighths.

The included grater assembly is the perfect tool for fast and easy grating of food before cooking, ideal for busy homes! The V-slicer blade assembly is an excellent mandolin slicer, perfect for cutting perfect slices every time and at an astonishingly fast rate.

The entire set forms an essential kitchen tool that you'll wonder how you ever managed without, you'll cut down your preparation time and save space, brilliant!