Remax Car Holder Super Flexible Dock
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  • Remax Car Holder Super Flexible Dock

Remax Car Holder Super Flexible Dock


✔ Cradle phone slip rubber. With battery charger
✔ For Apple and Android tablet pc and smartphones
✔ Unswervingly adhere to the surface. Not easy to slip down
✔ And modify the configurations of the devices themselves.
✔ Bracket phone at an angle of 120 degrees for the best viewing.
✔ Use both cars home in the office and while traveling.
✔ 106 cm long (side of the USB) and 18 cm data cables.

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The phone to your own safety and scratches even be placed in a car dock the phone slip from Remax has been designed to be tilted 120 degrees, an angle that is perfect for most. SITTING The surface is made of rubber to you easily, whether at home, in the car, the office or even while traveling, it's easy. Comes with a rechargeable battery via USB port compatible with Android or iOS device adhesion. Promoted on the surface of the base plate is made of rubber that allows pallet adhesion to the surface firmly. No slipeasily Comes slot Cradle many forms to enhance the freedom to place the pallet to suit your pallet tilt allowing you to enjoy the comfort of the most well-designed stand to tilt 120 degrees. The best angle for viewing while sitting magnetic charging system comes with a dock connector, magnetic charging by plugging the connector end into the USB port to current emissions. Private charger is plugged into a phone are provided in the two types of charging cable for iOS device and charger micro USB, which the base with the charger connected by a magnet to facilitate pick up the phone to use. Quick and back to recharge after use for easy portability Designed to catch up Remax therefore can not disassemble the base.